Friday, September 26, 2014

Commes des Garcons

I mean, she's wearing a burlap sack, obviously. Or, to be specific, multiple burlap sacks stitched together into a "voluminous dress." So that's ridiculous, of course.

All the same... there's something about the thought processes behind the clothes of this era that I really grok, about how dresses weren't intended to be figure-flattering by default. Same reason why I grok all those awesome short haircuts from this time frame: The endgame of 1980s high fashion wasn't to look pleasing to members of the opposite sex by emphasizing stereotypically "female" attributes--long hair, a well-defined figure--but to make some kind of fiercely individual artistic statement through your appearance. This perspective seems healthier, mentally, and damn it all, it's vastly more interesting.

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