About Laurie

Laurent Sébastien Sparks was born on January 1, 1990 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which means he missed out on the eighties by just thismuch, to his eternal regret. The son of former US Senator Maggie Sparks, Laurie's early years were marked by comfort and privilege. After studying in Paris at the feet of many of the world's most prestigious fashion designers (he would name them, but he is well aware of libel laws), Laurie skyrocketed to fame both on the basis of his celebrated label, LSD (Laurie Sparks Designs), and his smash hit reality show, NYC Elite. His reputation as the enfant terrible of the fashion world precedes him.

A polarizing figure, Laurie has been described as a "...younger, edgier and flakier Tim Gunn"*, which he thinks is pretty badass. He has also been described as having "...no redeeming qualities"**, which thrills him somewhat less.

Laurie currently lives on Manhattan's Upper West Side with his long-suffering assistant/soulmate, Jonathan. His hobbies include drinking champagne and watching Duran Duran videos.

He earned some unwanted publicity a while back when he was stalked and kidnapped by an obsessed madman. And an alternate-timeline version of Laurie was once stranded in a frightening post-apocalyptic wasteland, where he also was stalked and kidnapped by an obsessed madman. This is the kind of thing that happens to him a lot.

Laurie exists only in fiction. This is a shame, because he's kind of awesome.

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**Publishers Weekly review of Lonely Satellite, written for Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award judging purposes.