Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sebastian Fizz-In Colour

It's mousse that temporarily colors (excuse me, colours) your hair.

...Is that the same model? It is, right? She looks great. Fantastic hairstyles, all of them. Here's my soapbox du jour: It is long past time to reclaim short, awesome haircuts like these. I swear, someone like Anne Hathaway or Miley Cyrus or Emma Watson or Natalie Portman dares to crop her mop, and no matter how flattering and stylish the result, everyone collectively loses their shit. Men, stop being big stinky assholes when women get short, awesome haircuts. Women, stop fretting that men won't find you attractive if you get a short, awesome haircut. Wear your hair however you want. Hint: The above styles are some really good ways to wear your hair.

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